Sketchbook Story Time.

Cassandra Long Draws. I mean long drawers. I mean. Cassandra Long Cabinets. Cassandra Long also paints:

I’m a teacher?

I have been teaching an arts and crafts class this summer to kindergarteners.

We decided since no one in the class was an astronaut that they were in fact stuck in this world.
It takes a lot to explain a pun to a 5 year old.

Sorry again this is the most relevant thing I could post in a while.
If anyone lives in NH I have paintings hanging in a show at “The Gallery” at 100 Market Place in Portsmouth NH starting in two weeks and it gos until November.


I left my computer open while making this cartoon and someone decided to put their own spin on it.


I haven’t been posting a lot on this thing.
I have been making stuff but mostly its stuff made by being an in person cartoon.
Like story telling.
Like this:

This is another example. I think. I mean, I know. But I don’t know if its good, i haven’t seen it. of me being my comics.

Speaking of being blind and performing.
I tried not seeing for 24 hours recently.
I also tried being mute for 24hrs and being not able to hear for 24hrs.
If you would like to hear about this you can come see me talk about it Nov. 3rd in Boston
At Org:Censorship


tickets are here:
For $10 tickets you can type SHH!01

I hope you are staying warm.

Slow Motion Walking


Guys! I have been illustrating for Marina Abramovic’s kickstarter project to build an “interdisciplinary performace and education center, home to long durational work and the Abramovic method” ;)
It is called MAI and you can see more illustrations by me and learn about the kickstarter and donate here:

My illustrations rotate every week to show off a new reward so thats why you won’t see slow motion walking there but you see it here. 

I believe in UFOs

I believe in UFOs.
A UFO hit me in the face once.
What i mean is
Something flew at me and hit me in face that i could not identify
and I think this is enough to prove its existence.

On a similar note
I bet the Pope knows about Batman.
Just stop explaining it to him,
he knows.
He doesn’t need to see him to know he exists.

Its like when you said:
“Done with magic.”
I didn’t know if you meant you were quitting magic forever
or if you meant that you used magic to do something
but either way I still believed you.

Please humor me and
imagine me without a
british accent.

In order to do this you have
to beleive in something
and then you have to imagine your new found
beleif being taken away.

That is how I am
anxious in relationships.

I keep seeing runners and thinking to myself: “heroes”
I don’t know how long this will last
I like to think most people arent terrified
but the more I get to know someone
the further away I get to answering the question
“What are people for?”

Today is a beautiful day but your dog is sad.
All this fucked up shit is happening in the world
but the thing making me most upset
is that your dog is sad.

This makes me feel like a bad person
But that is only because I believe it
So now that exists too.

*I will do more comics its just that this week I started writing poetry for the first time and this is a good way for me to share that as well.
I should change the name of this blog or something… or not.
I’m hungover.
I hope everyone is having a great summer day.

I want to hold you like you are Mary and I am Joseph and I believe you.

You are a lot of layers.
If I were a bad writer I would compare you to an onion. 
Like an onion.

I really doubt we’ll ever make anyone happy on OK Cupid.
I’m not giving up I’m just not going to create an account at all because
I opposite of reject you.
I love you. 
I also love a lot of other people too.

I want to hold you like you are Mary and I am Joseph and I believe you.
I want to kiss you today or tomorrow.
I want our relationship to be like clips of people receiving huge free gifts from Oprah.

I do think it is okay to lie
I don’t think it’s okay to hurt people
so today I will tell everyone that their name is my favorite name
and when I kiss you and you kiss me back I’ll try not to think it’s because you are copying me.

I have to tell you
people are always dropping dead so i figure dead must be pretty heavy.

I can’t really read this part
cuz my handwriting sucks
my mom said I should use my computer to write
but for some reason my computer keeps shutting down
in the middle of sentences
One time I was gchatting with my mom and I wrote:

"Becca died sometime last night. 
No one knows how, 
everyone is over my house to not be alone.”
and then my computer died before I could see if that sent 
so I sent my mom a text that said
"I’m sorry my computer died."
and she sent one back that  said “I’m sorry Becca died.”
so i knew the gchat went through.

I’m telling you this because you remind me of Everything
and Everything is dead.
Everything was the name of my fish that died.
Sometimes when people laugh about Everything’s name 
I think they are laughing at the fact that he died
but how do you know you wouldn’t like dying? 
Have you even tried dying?

When something physically terrible is happening I usually try and think about something really nice
to ease the physical pain, 
like a beautiful memory or dream
but right now I can’t think of anything nice at all 
and I am really grateful I am not in physical pain.

All i want is a man who breaks up with me by saying, “it’s not poo it’s pee.”
and then we can laugh 
like those two people on the train 
with canes 
who were talking about how often they fall.

Not a lot of people know I have a brother.
My bras are incredibly supportive of me.
Especially because they understand that not all heavy things relating to me are intentional.

Someone pat me on the back. I did a good job.
Someone pat me on the back. I have a cough.
Can I ask you some questions? 
I was just talking to someone else but I wasn’t asking the right questions.
I have no one to talk to now except the security guard 
and we have a good relationship that I don’t want to mess up.

"You met him and he wasn’t that great, right?" 
"No one is that great, Casey."

Some of my eggs are being fried up for breakfast 
and some of my eggs are sitting there waiting to be fertilized.
And it sounded so good in mom’s car speakers
to admit that I do want children someday.

It’s so good to be alive. You guys have no idea.

Love your loves.


I live in Boston.
I love Boston.
No one I love was hurt but
I was reminded to love my loves.