Sketchbook Story Time.

Cassandra Long Draws. I mean long drawers. I mean. Cassandra Long Cabinets. Cassandra Long also paints:

I need you.

I saw you for the first time on April 1st with a black eye
that demonstrated all the lack of feeling
you would put into your next song
I told you I run on emotion
and you hadn’t felt anything for so long

As you said the truth hurt too much to write the truth
your lips puckered up to kiss the enormous list
of rules you invented for yourself to live by
Patting yourself on the back for every invented monster you’ve defeated

I fought because you were no longer moving
I thought I had to shake you in order to see something
I poked because you lack the love that you preach
I got confused I didn’t know what you wanted
because the only sign of you living was your erection
I lost track of the man that I fell for
or maybe its just that I learned who you really are
I don’t want this song to go on for too long
Its just a reply to one of your songs
You said I knew you better than anyone
I’m sorry you think I’m so uninteresting
this year must have been really annoying
to feel so understood by someone so boring
One last thing before i end the song
She isn’t just less attractive than me
she is less attractive than most everyone
Her feet must be impressive.

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