Sketchbook Story Time.

Cassandra Long Draws. I mean long drawers. I mean. Cassandra Long Cabinets. Cassandra Long also paints:


The story of Frankenstein was such a tough read. I wanted to get through it but found myself getting lost and making things up in my head on my own. 
I didn’t want to keep reading but I didn’t want to be finished.

I don’t get to choose when books end, my ego forgets.

Bad makes bad makes bad makes bad
Good makes good makes good makes good

Asian literature is better.

I was told to “give yourself more credit” twice today by two different people. 
I couldn’t believe they used the same wording. 
"I’m sorry I’m crazy."
"I love you in all your shades of crazy and sane.  
You should give yourself more credit. You are a strong, intelligent, powerful, inspiring human who makes good things in the world.
Focus on this, not on the negative things that feel like they are crushing you.
…Now, tell me if you see any toothpicks near by.”

The other “give yourself more credit” was opposite of the first one in the way that this person was not trying to help me but fight me.
I had it coming.
It did help though.
Made you make something.
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