Sketchbook Story Time.

Cassandra Long Draws. I mean long drawers. I mean. Cassandra Long Cabinets. Cassandra Long also paints:

Man Woman

Best Friends Series

I met Heather in middle school when Anne invited us both over to her house, which was also an orthodontist office, for a sleep over. That night we went into the orthodontist room and found elastic bands for braces and flung them across the room. Then we ran around the waiting room naked and that was okay until Heather laughed at my pubic hair. Being naked felt really wrong after that and I felt really shitty about becoming a woman and wanted to become a man instead. Later on in the school year Heather asked me to meet her in the woods that separated our houses and my mom wouldn’t let me go because she didn’t trust those woods. This made me angry at being a female again because my cousin who is the same age as me told me he doesn’t have to ask his parents permission to do anything. I was convinced this was because he was male and I was female but now I know it’s that our parents are different parents.

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